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MAYA ANGELOU ‘Phenomenal Woman’

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Jumping into my 30s.

Guys, I just did my first ever triple pirouette and I CANNOT FIGURE OUT HOW I MADE BALANCING HAPPEN. SO EXCITED and also SO SAD D:

Story of my life. No, seriously.
Also, here is the best soft pretzel recipe ever. I usually only make 1/4 of a batch, so I don’t have a million tempting pretzels sitting around.
This will always be my reaction. ST4EVA

RIP Trayvon. I’m sorry you had to live and die by Florida justice. American justice. White justice. Because what happened today was not just. What happened today was evidence that American justice is not blind. American justice sees a 17-year old, unarmed boy in a hoodie, who defends himself against an assailant who stalks him down the street in his own neighborhood, who is then killed by his stalker, and decides that the man who shot him—without cause—is innocent.

As an American, I am ashamed. As a white person, I am horrified. As a human being, I will fight so that Trayvon’s death is not in vain. So that the next time a black teenage boy walks down the street with a bag of skittles in his hand, he will be safe.

panda bento!

“Linguists do it” jokes, courtesy of the University at Buffalo Linguistics Department. (Bolded ones were my contributions to the board.)
Statisticians do it normally
Neurolinguistics do it in their heads
Chomskians do it minimally
Agents do it to their Patients with their Instruments
Sociolinguists do it with class
The horse raced past the barn does it in a garden
Reduplication does it does it
Syntacticians do it with trees
Descriptivists say how others do it
OT does it on a table
Documentary linguists do it in the field
HPSG does it without movement
Semanticists do it with meaning
Phonologists do it without meaning
Prescriptivists tell you how to do it
MVS does it with everything
Pragmaticists do it politely
Ellipsis does…
Saussure does it symbolically
ASL does it with hands
Colorless green ideas do it furiously
Sentiment analysis does it with feeling
Isolates do it by themselves
Formants do it with frequency
Transformational Grammar does it with (covert) movement
Phoneticians do it with moving articulators
A wug does it. Now there are two of them. Two _______ do it.
MRS does it again and again, but only as often as needed.
Semanticists do it with every farmer and his donkey.
Piraha doesn’t do it.
Sociolinguists do it with variation
Mesospace does it with toy animals
Grice does it with Quality and Manner, in Quantity and with Relevance
Formal semanticists do it with models

Morphologists do it derivationally AND inflectionally.

Ugh you guys I was so confused for like ten seconds. Apparently I’ve forgotten how to read headlines.

I am uncomfortable with how long it took me to read this correctly…

wow I just read that out load so many times until I finally got it

From The Summer Book by Tove Jansson